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The Manuiki Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity consisting of a vibrant all-volunteer community of committed and caring individuals dedicated to the preservation and perseverance of the Hawaiian culture. All donations are tax deductable.
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Bringing Aloha Nui and sharing information and news about the Hawaiian community in the Great Pacific Northwest.

Hawaii na ‘ike a me nā hana - We are a practicing culture!

Kapaemāhū Stones in Waikīkī - four worn boulders embedded upon a stone platform attest to the enduring presence of traditions in Hawaiian history

Evolution of the Hawaiian Hula - Not Your Grandma’s Hula: New Book Looks at the Evolution of Hawaiian Dance. Patrick Makuakāne

Island Style - ‘Oiwi E - Hawai’i’s top ʻMana Mele Collectiveʻ artists across many genres, alongside over 1,000 Hawaiian Charter School youth.

Kūnihi ka Mauna - The welcoming kahea or calling performed by Auntie Manuiki Lono at the annual Bridge of Aloha Festival held on May 6, 2017

Patrick Landeza Cooks! - Here's the first episode and it's all about POKE on Aloha EverywhereTV. Whooohooooo!!



Hawaiian Christmas Tree

ʻŌlelo Online is a website where you can learn Hawaiian language at your own pace. Video lessons are given in plain English language in a "pen and blackboard" format, with accompanying documentation. There are also audio samples for you to listen to to test your comprehension and practice your pronunciation.

Described in the videos are the Hawaiian grammatical structures and their relationships to English grammar. You will also learn about Hawaiian culture and how the language carries cultural understandings which can help inform learners who may not be familiar with the Hawaiian culture or the "local" culture in the Islands.

ʻŌlelo Online Membership Includes:
A complete learning package of articles, audio, video and more! A proven method to increase your Hawaiian fluency naturally and effectively. Read online or print for easy use away from your computer. For students, travelers, business or workplace, and of course Hawaiian teachers ...ʻŌlelo Online truly has something for everyone! Authentic audio files to accompany EACH article, read aloud by Hawaiian speakers designed to improve listening and pronunciation. Hours of learning ALL YEAR LONG = YOUR SUCCESS WITH Hawaiian. Order now, log in, Kumu Kalikoand immediately start learning!

The kumu ("instructor" - see you are already learning), Kaliko Beamer-Trapp, is a lecturer in Hawaiian language at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo where he has been on staff since 1995. He is also the past president and a current board member of Mohala Hou Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the sharing of Hawaiian music and culture to people from all corners of the world!

E lawe i ke a‘o a mālama a e ‘oi mau ka na‘auao. "He who takes his teachings and applies them, increases his knowledge." (Take what you have learned and apply it and your wisdom will increase. It is a reminder to us that when we learn and gain ‘ike, we have a kuleana, a responsibility to apply, to use, to share with others!)

If you would like to hear and see a feature video with dialog recorded in the Hawaiian language, watch Until The Sun Sets.

Pipeline to Paradise Music - From the ninth Hawaiian Island, Las Vegas Nevada. Give a listen - click the image to the left.

Māmala ‘ōlelo o ka Lā Hawai‘i - we say in Hawaiian (word or phrase of the day) :

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